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More than any other artist Ty Statz was the driving force behind
the Carolina music movement with the single “Takin Off” which
paved the way for a promising future in the music business.

Originally born Antoine Boderick in Charlotte, North Carolina
Statz emerged on the hip-hop scene with hot freestyles and plenty
of experience on the hip-hop battle scene in school yards and

Raised in the streets of some of the worst hoods in North Carolina,
Ty Statz emerged a self taught music inspiration to many.Best known
for his Singles “Takin Off”& “Champagne Life” Ty’s music ranges
from pop to hip-hop and R&B. By day he’s seen as a graphic
designer and music engineer, by night a stage killer and musical

After teaming up with Kal Dawson Management team & Francois Brown
of Combined Mindz. Ty began an empire that would shake the music
industry in a short period of time.The title “The Hitmaker” was given
to him by a large crowd of fans as he finished a show in Fayetteville
in early 2010. After gracing the stage with many celebrities such as
Rick Ross, OJ Da Juice Man, Bobby Valentino, DJ Drama, Jada Kiss,
Hurricane Chris,The Lox,Beanie Siegel,Yo Gotti and many more as the
opening act, shortly after he was considered the main event .

Ty Statz once known as the punchline king is best
known for his catchy hooks, hot beats, dope lyrics and above
all great performances full of energy and stage pressence. He’s
appeared on Mixtapes and DVD’s throughout the states, including
Dirty South Slanging with DJ Chuck T. , Hood Pride with
Desert Storms DJ 3 Stacks, Coast 2 Coast, and DJ’s Don De Marco
& DJ Hustle.Ty Statz talent is evident in the quality
of his projects and continues to make waves in the industry
with his much anticipated Debut.


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